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Happy Monday lovelies!
I hope by now you have noticed the new blog layout, what do you think?! It had been quite sometime since I had changed up the theme around here so I decided to give the blog a little face lift this morning. I'm digging the new style, it feels new & fresh!
Anywho, I got a couple messages from some of my lovelies readers regarding the styling "off shoulder" shirts for the summer. If it wasn't already so obvious, this trend has been taken by storm the past couple of months. Ruffles and off shoulder-  both styles often coupled together have been everywhere. I wanted my modest babes to be able to rock this look so I tested it first and let me assure you, it worked and looked so cute!

My top is from last year Zara - I wore it while I was pregnant to a friends baby shower.

Shop similar tops here:

There are so many fun ways to style it, you can also opt for a lacey long sleeve to dress it up or if you're not a fan of too many layers, you can do a cropped long sleeve top instead.

Let me know what you think :)

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