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Hi ya'll!
I wanted to discuss something a little different today - something I've been getting asked about a lot lately! A lot of you have messaged and asked me how I've gotten back into shape so fast after the baby and the truth is... I HAVE NOT! :( 
I know social media is guilty of perfecting ones life as it often only displays the glitz&glamour aspect of things but I felt like being honest in this blogpost and telling you guys where exactly I am in my weight-loss journey and how my post baby body is far from perfect.
Okay so I'm basically still sitting in square one, as comfortable and unbothered as one can be. No seriously, in between mom life and a full-time job, (oh yeah and the fact that we just moved and I have to arrange/setup the whole new house) I have not been as dedicated to working out as I probably should be. Isa is almost 8 months now, I really need to put the excuses aside and start hitting the gym.
Where my body currently is:
I was fortunate enough to not have gained excessive weight (I did still gain, discussing it below!) in my pregnancy. I was mostly all belly throughout so once the baby came out so did majority of the weight. I went back to wearing the usual flowy/loose tops I'm accustomed to and I assume the combination of the two made it seem as if i was 'back to normal' to most of you guys (especially through blogging/instagram).
My weight always fluctuated between 115-118 before getting pregnant and the last weight we took before Isa was born I weighted 140lbs. I'm down to 128 now which is still 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.
When I look in the mirror I see a lot of things I need to work on. I definitely have a "c-section" pooch and let me just be honest and put it out there - a good amount of belly fat with a side of love handles! I also feel my arms have expanded a little (a nice amount of jiggle there) and of course, I have a double chin lol. The only place I didn't gain a damn pound is on my thighs and butt. I was really hoping I'd grow a miracle butt and some hips haha but even pregnancy couldn't help me there.
What I'm trying to do to loose weight:
Aside from breastfeeding (I've been told this helps drop weight) I try to take a daily walk with Isa and do some stretching & light weights towards the end of the walk. I'll do lunges, squats, love handle exercise, and some arm exercises. This may not help significantly but I wanted to slowly introduce an exercise regimen without feeling burned out so quick. 
I intend to follow the 'Bikini Body Guide (BBG) by Kayla Itsines. The before and after of the girls who've completed her training is incredible and I'd love to make such a transformation. Once I do start it, if you guys want I can blog about my journey through the 8 weeks!

The proof is in the picture - the very noticeable belly here lol :)

Anyways guys, sorry for the long post but the gist of what I was trying to get across is that we all struggle with things even though sometime it may NOT seem that way. Trust me, I have several issues of my own that I try to work through every single day. Obviously while posing for OOTDs theres a whole lotta sucking it in and find flattering angel that goes on behind the scenes. Don't be fooled by social media, it only highlights the bright side of things. 
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Love ya'll!
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  1. Der Maryam,thanks a lot for telling the truth!�� Having two children I would like to encourage you to breastfeed as long as it is recommended. I lost even more weight in the end! In addition you might follow the "CLean Eating" philosophy. Not easy, I know, but very helpful! Good luck and take care�� enjoy the time with little Isa. Work can wait...Greetings from someone who ran back to the office asap. Annerose