Winter strolls

Hi Guys!!!!
Happy Thursday - it's almost the weekend, yay!!!
Last weekend I posted a couple pics on my InstaStory from our lunch and a lot of you messaged me asking me about Isa's stroller! I kid you not, this stroller gets so many compliments, people stop me all the time to say how much they love it! I guess the rose gold adds to that department of compliments, lol! I did a full review of my Mama's&Papa's Urbo2 Stroller here so make sure you check it out if you're interested in getting this stroller or if you're just interested in knowing my opinion on it!
If you want my honest review, I'm still swooning over this stroller - and  I've been using it consecutively since the day Isa was born and he is almost 15 months now, mA! My opinion hasn't wavered one bit - I still stand behind everything I said in my review close to 7 months ago!
What I still consider so important is how I can maneuver so easily around in this baby because you know how it is with kids - you're always on the go - and this stroller is seriously so fast and strolls so well! It has such a smooth stroll, I really feel like Isa enjoys it as much as I do! We started this funny little night routine where he ONLY wants me to put him to sleep by strolling him around in it, so now every night, I'm makin several rounds around my house with a baby in tow! lol!
Here are a couple pics we shot right before sunset, hope you love them!

(p.s - mine was the limited rose gold edition!)

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