pearl embellished jeans!

Hey GUYS!!!
It feels so good to sit down and open up a new FRESH blogpost to write. I haven't been able to sit down and write a dedicated post for weeks now, I hate when that happens & I get so busy in other things! Anyway, not to worry, hopefully I'm back now!
If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably aware I am not in Texas at the moment! We were finally able to take our international trip (I've been bugging Shahbaz to take me somewhere for over a year now but timing was not working out due to both of our hectic work schedules) but finally iand it's been so much fun! The only thing about country hopping is living out of a suitcase, esp with Isa, there is double the amount of stuff I am used to, ha!
Anyway, I was SO overwhelmed packing this time around. I always dread packing and I hate ittttt but this time, it was SO MUCH more stressful because I was more worried about Isa and not leaving out anything important for him. Since we were also going to be visiting Pakistan, I wanted to be sure I had everything I need for him. In the midst of that, I seriously only packed one pair of JEANS that I've been wearing nonstop, because, no choice lol. Luckily, a lot of you guys love them and I've been getting asked a lot about where to find similar jeans (mine were Zara!).
I've listed several options below, nothing more than $100 - there are a couple options you can snag for $30! Now that's a deal! You know your girl loves a good deal & I love sharing my finds with you babes! 

Talk Soon!
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