Italy & Switzerland, my travel itinerary

Finally back home after being out of the country for 25 days and it feels great to be back and on a schedule! It's so funny how we DIE for a vacay and to get away from the everyday hustle & bustle of life but then at some point during your vacation, you're ready to go home! Lol, we're never fully satisfied, are we?! It was a great vacation, time off, and time well spent with the family aH. Best part was we got to travel internationally for the first time with ISA! 
(If you dont want to read my ramble skip these next two paragraphs to find the itinerary below)
As many of you know, we traveled to Italy and into Switzerland with our final destination being Pakistan (which I am not going to be covering in this post). So many of you asked about our travel itinerary so I'm doing a full post covering just that for you guys, I hope you find it useful!
We had a total of 5 days and we covered 5 cities! The actual purpose of our trip was to visit my husbands family in Pakistan but we were able to squeeze out some time to do exploring which is why we only had 5 days! But I'm so happy that we made the most of it and we accomplished so much in just those 5 days. I was so nervous traveling with a toddler and being on such a tight schedule with him but mA he was such an EASY baby and slept through most of the trip! 

Day 1) Venice 
  • Main Sight Seeing attractions we did:
    • St. Marks Square
    • St Marks Basilica 
    • Bridge of Sighs
      • we really wanted to do the Grand Canal but didn't get a chance. The above mentioned is a lot of sight seeing and walking around. Also, the areas were not stroller/wheelchair friendly at all. Shahabz and I had to literally pick up Isa's stroller many times as there was no ramp for strollers. Keep this in mind if you have children/disabled family members. 
    • We took a train to Milan that night. I've never sat on a train so it was a fun experience. 
  • Food:
    •  Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta to Go - this place was actually the best it got in Italy. I didn't find anything special about the food there but this place is an actual must try!

Day 2) Milan
  • Main sight seeing attractions we did:
    •   Duomo di Milano, Cimitero Monumentale di Milano, and shopping in the Galleria Vittorio
      • I would recommend both places as they teach you so much about the elaborate history and rich culture of Italy
  • Food: 
    • We ate at a random restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (it's right by the Duomo). Honestly all the food in Italy was OK, I didn't personally love anything except the Gelato. 
      • Gelato: Artico Gelateria Tradizionale - BEST GELATO I'VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. Must try!

Day 3) Lake Como
We rented a car and drove to Lake Como (an hour from Milan)
  • Main sight seeing attractions we did:
    • Boat tour - we got such a beautiful view of the inside of Lake Como. I would highly recommend doing this. It was SO much fun and we got such beautiful views of the entire lake and surrounding villages (Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Tremezzo) . Check out this guide, very helpful! 
      • Picture taking spot we discovered: Via Regina 48, Cernobbio Lombardy, Italy
      • All the Villas were SO beautiful. Go early though, many close around 5pm. 



Day 4) Lucerne 
We spent the night in Lucerne after driving out of Lake Como (Italy & Switz share the boarder so it was about a 2 1/2 hour drive.)We did this drive at night to get the most out of our day in Lake Como.
  • Main sight seeing attractions we did:
    • Kapellbrucke Bridge 
      • interesting bridge with historic paintings inside
    • Kornmarkt street 
      • cute little street with lots of restaurants and shopping 
    • Lake Lucerne boat trip
      • when you approach the lake, you'll see tickets for the big ferry that awaits. We just walked up to it and bought the tickets right then and there
      • we also walked around and explored a few Church's, they were very beautiful!
We wanted to check out the "Lion Monument" but didn't have time as we needed to head out to Interlaken. We grabbed food from "Little Istanbul" it was so good, def try it!

    • we didn't do much here, we just kind of drove around and enjoyed the scenery. the yellow flowers that were blossoming everywhere were so beautiful.
    • Food: Layaly Beruit 
      • at this point we were DYING for some desi/arab food. This restaurant was so so so good, must try!
      • Swiss milk is one of the best milks I've ever tried. Isa was on cloud 9 he was going through so many bottles, haha.
this is the infamous Dilwale Dulhaniya (movie) fountain where SRK gives Kajol the flower that sprouts water lolol

Day 5) Jungfrau  
    • Main sight seeing attractions we did:
      • Jungfrau (Top of Europe) we did the train that took us to the top and had many different things to explore in the tunnels. Tip: this was not cheap excursion. We paid about $300 for 2 adults. I read that if you do the 7am train its about $150 for two adults. It was very beautiful though and one of a kind experience. 
      • Shahbaz did the Cliff Walk of Tissott.  I went back to the hotel with Isa because this was not a kid friendly excursion. Shahabz loved it though, he totally recommends doing it!
      • We stayed at the Romantik hotel

We ate once more at Layal Beruit and headed to Zurich to catch our flight to Pakistan! That concluded our Switzerland trip, I hope our fast paced itierniry helps anyone who wants to visit these two countries. It almost feels like a dream, I had SO much fun! Until next time, inshallah!
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