Skirt kinda mood

Hi Guys!
I'm usually not a skirt kinda gal and those of you who've been following me for a while know this! However, I was in H&M and found this skirt and I thought it was so cute so I bought it hoping to give skirts another chance - I mean everyone deserves a second chance right?! Anyway, I'm glad I did that because I think I managed to look good in it, right? :) Thanks to shedding some weight, my waist was able to somewhat stand out (usually its nicely camouflaged, you'd never find it).
I think this would be a cute look for Eid too, yes?! Maybe with a red lip and some black strappy heels instead of wedges, what do you guys think? 
I'm linking similar items below because the skirt sold out online (nooooo!). Yes I know I was so sad when I couldn't link it, sighs. but maybe you'll find it in your local H&M store so hurry over!

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