Eid Inspiration - Delicate Hijabi

Hey guys!
Hope you guys are all doing well and for those observing Ramadan, that you're finding your last 10 days filled with devotion, prayers, and good company. I can't believe there is hardly 5 more days left of Ramadan. It always goes by sooo fast and when it leaves, it leaves everyone so sad. I'm already so sad about its departure - I hope we can continue to do the good deeds we've become accustomed to this month throughout the year iA.

I've put together a little donation compilation below if your stumped on which online charity to donate to (it's sometimes confusing and you cant always trust whats out there!). All the links mentioned below are tested and 100% true their cause and your money will go where it states iA.


Anyway to the point now, modeling this dress by Delicate Hijabi! It'd make a great option for Eid! Make sure to place your orders ASAP to ensure on time delivery for Eid!

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