Maternity Style Advice!

Hi Guys!
Hope you all are doing fantastic! So I've been wanting to put together a maternity style guide for sometime now! Since this is my second pregnancy, I feel like I have some sound advice to share in terms of maternity fashion lol! Also, a few of you messaged me via Instagram asking for maternity options so I just want to shed a littleeee light on this topic. Here we go!
DO NOT BUY MATERNITY TOPS, LOL! Okay - you're probably thinking WTF?! kind of advice is this for a maternity style post - but yes, please give me a second to elaborate my thoughts on this very profound statement of mine! Although a lot of effort has been put into improving maternity fashion, I just don't see the need to spend extra $$$ on clothing you most LIKELY will not wear post pregnancy (unless you're planning on being pregnant back to back to back - in that case goodluck!!!). The first few months especially, you can totally get away with wearing your normal clothes so in all honesty, you're just getting maternity wear for about 4-5 months. Instead of spending money on maternity clothes that you will despise afterwards (lol), follow my advice here:
Style advice 1: 
Shop for looser, wide cut styles, styles that get loose right under the bust, and flowy dresses.
Style advice 2:
Invest in 2-3 maternity pants and that's about it! A denim pair, white pair, and leggings! 
Style advice 3:
Don't be afraid to size up! SIZING up in pregnancy is your new best friend so embrace it girl! 
What I've learned is, you will end up with the chance of STILL wearing these clothes way after pregnancy! Even the pants - they will help in regards to postpartum tummy support. Pants are something you can't run from because your stomach needs to feel comfortable through the day and the zipper on your previous pair of jeans will end up digging into your skin as you get bigger and it hurts! I've been repeating 2 same pairs of maternity pants I bought during Isa's time this pregnancy and I just purchased one new pair. So trust me, they go a long way and they're well worth it. 
Leaving you guys with some cute maternity style options (I purchased these myself!) below, check them out!
I hope this helps, guys! Please let me know if it does!

I got this in my normal size and the wide cut helps in hiding the bump!
As long as the dress drops after the bust (as seen on this dress) you can probably even wear your normal size because there will be plenty of room for your tummy to chill and relax!

These are just some examples but be sure to scroll through the shopping tab to explore more fun styles!
Talk soon!
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