Ramadan Kareem / Decor / Donate to Palestine

Salaam peeps, Ramadan Kareem!!!!
I can't believe how quickly Ramadan has approached us this year! I felt like we JUST celebrated Eid!
I'm so excited for this month - I've been contemplating fasting tho - cause being pregnant - and I haven't made the effort to try it out yet! I'm not really worried about getting hungry, more so the thirsty part!!
I'm not going to lie, when you don't fast, it's really hard to feel the Ramadan spirit 100%. I've been sooo tired this pregnancy so by the end of the day, I'm ready to be in bed which means I haven't been able to attend Taraweeh Prayers as I normally do every year! It's so true when they say to take advantage of your free time when you have it man, I feel like I'm all over the place these days.
Is anyone else struggling with keeping spiritually awakened this Ramadan without fasting? TBH, I am finding it kind of hard and it makes me so sad that I'm not getting that pumped up energy/feeling I was when we were about to enter this month! I totally feel guilty when I'm just scrolling thru the gram, not fasting, not praying - blahhh its been bad! OK, I think that's too much honesty haha, but this time I ask you guys for some advice, please share if you have any!
Anyways this is the decor I did for my fireplace mantle this year for Ramadan! Growing up, my dad would always decorate our house with lights for our amusement and I want to be sure I continue to do this for Isa! 

Thank you Eid Party Co!
These cute lantern cutouts were sent to be my Eid Party Co UK - check them out, they have soooo much nice decor for Eid and Ramadan!
OK lastlyyyyy, I am part of this amazing cause this Ramadan to raise money for Palestinian refugees. As many of you may be aware, Gaza is currently attack and UNRWA is one of the few organizations who has direct access on the ground to get items delivered to those there. Majority of these volunteers are refugees themselves so please please consider donating to my page if you're looking to support Palestine! 
No donation is too small, even a dollar counts!
Talk soon, lots of love!
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