Baby Jogger Mini GT2!

Hi Guys!!
So excited to bring my new collaboration with Baby Jogger to you guys! I was already in the market for a new stroller for baby #2 - I really thought I'd be able to re-use my previous stroller from Isa's time but man, if I used the living hell out of one baby item, that was sure it! Its literally in shambles now, lol. So I was pretty stoked when I got this chance to work with Baby Jogger. Even though baby number two is still weeks away from entering this world, I tested out the stroller with Isa and let me tell you how IMPRESSED I am!!!!

I took the stroller for a stroll in the city, just me and Isa and I was able to handle it by myself with a toddler and being 7 months pregnant. The stroller is lightweight which is one of the most IMPORTANT features I look for when shopping around for a stroller cause c'mon let’s be honest, majority of the times, Mom's are alone. You don't always have your husband around for help. So the fact that it was lightweight and compact is a big win-win for me. I also love that its an easy "one pull fold" so you don't need to be doing a bunch of bending down. All you do is pull onto the flap in the middle of the stroller seat and the stroller folds in half, all with one hand! And lastly, probably the most important feature of them all, the stroll was very smooth and it was easy to maneuver in between tight spots and bumpy sidewalks. A stroll is so important because that's the primary function of a stroller - to push your child - so it must be comfortable for not only your child but the one who is behind the wheels!

Anyway, I captured some images for you guys to check out! Let me know if you guys find my review helpful! I would definitely recommend this stroller to anyone who is in the market for one!

Thank you Baby Jogger for #sponsoring today's post!
Talk soon,
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