Back to School with Pottery Barn Kids!

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Hope you guys are enjoying your summer! 
The Texas sun is giving us extra lovin' so we're trying to soak in all the fun before August because things are really about to change around here! Isa will be starting school for the FIRST time ever and I'm sooo excited for this new transition for him! I've been telling him about school (hes obsessed with yellow school buses & backpacks!) so he is also really excited - he keeps asking me "when is Monday?" cause somehow he figured out that's when his first day will be, ha! Smart little toddlers I tell ya!

Anyways, so when Pottery Barn Kids reached out with this amazing collab opportunity, you can only imagine how stoked I was - yeah I am one of those Moms, lol!!! I was eyeing the Pottery Barn Kids collection backpacks anyway so all of this honestly just felt perfectly right! I'm so glad I was able to choose out a backpack for Isa that he equally loves - shark theme and all! Aside from the style, the backpack is practical and to the point for a first timer/toddler. 

What I love:
I love that it has one big zip as its main compartment followed by a smaller one - basically not too much going on. We were able to fit in a few books and school supplies with still lots of space for more. It also has the side pockets to cozily hold a water bottle. There is also a front strap where you can buckle so it fits snug on your child's chest! It's nothing you wouldn't find in another backpack but it is stylish and quality is great. PBK also runs so many great sales on their items so the price point is worth it in my honest opinion - it will last! (Talking in reference from a previous "mini" backpack I bought Isa when he turned one to store his toys and snacks when we would be on the go. I used it all the way until now and quality was amazing! Durable!) I got Isa a size small this time and he will eventually grow into it (its a little big on his small frame!). And lastly, my favorite part, its monogrammed with his name on it for that perfect personalized touch!

Sharing some pictures we captured here, hope you guys enjoy them!

I'm including shopable links here where you can checkout this backpack and other fun school accessories!

Thank you Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring today's post!

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