Walmart+ Membership!

Hey Guys! 

Happy Monday- can you believe we’re already more than a week into November?! Honestly where does the time go? On top of that winter is supposed to be tough this year but I did find ONE membership recently that will tremendously help most of us out, especially during the winter! Walmart+ is a new membership for $98 annually or $12.95 monthly which gives you free UNLIMITED delivery ($35 minimum, restrictions apply) right to your doorstep!

 As a mom of two little ones going out shopping with them is always a challenge. Walmart+ solves that issue and honestly - it's been a game changer. The membership offers a 15-day free trial period (which is what I signed up for initially) and I was shocked at how much time and energy I saved by just a click of a button. I ordered all my essentials right before sleeping (1am, yawns!) and I had everything at my doorstep at 10am - right in time for the start of the day. I’m grateful for the time I saved not having to running another errand to the grocery store.

 Sharing a couple of pictures and the process below. It’s super self-explanatory and you can honestly thank me later for introducing you to this!

 What do you guys think? Is this something you’d try? I’d love to know!

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  1. wow, thank you for this. its a lifesaver during these times~

  2. I love walmart and Id totally check this out!